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Destinie Kirby
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Watch your thoughts for they become your words. Watch your words for they become your actions. Watch your actions for they become your habits. Watch your habits for they become your character. Watch your character for it becomes your destiny. -- Anonymous Quote

Greetings! My name is Destinie, and yes my friend that is in fact my real name. I'm 30 years old. I've been married for five years to my partner (lordpenguinman) of twelve years, and we currently have no children. Children will be a thing for us eventually, though. I adore kids.

I live in North Carolina and work as a freelance Illustrator, Comic Artist, and Graphic Designer. In fact, my husband and I are currently working on a comic project called Grimoire Rose that I hope we will be able to share with the world sooner than later.

Many of you have asked how I got the fancy symbol next to my name and what it means. Well, that's the Senior Member symbol. I received this symbol after I served on the Community Relations team for the Anime/Manga community here on deviantART. It was my pleasure and an honor to serve. :rose: You can learn more about becoming a senior member below:

FAQ #29: How do I become a Senior Member?

And that is the tip of the iceberg on who I am. I hope that you will stick around and get to know me better. :) Ta ta!


:iconcranimeandmanga: :icongrimoire-rose: :icondragonsandelves: :iconcarolinaanimeartists:


In case you didn't see the status update I made:

Apologies for my absence, but I don't foresee it lightening up any time soon. I am starting a new hourly paying job this Sunday, and it will take up the vast majority of my time. I will try to get in and answer messages at some point, but it will probably take me a while and art is going to continue to be less frequent until I get my schedule adjusted to my new situation.

So I'm announcing a hiatus of sorts. A half hiatus really. I feel this new situation I'm in will force me to focus on what is really most important to me in the art and music fields, and that's a good thing.

I'm working at a hospital for adolescents with eating disorders in case you're wondering. It's a humble job working in the kitchen and as an assistant where ever I may be needed, but I'm happy to do it. Amusingly enough it actually pays more than any other job I've had in the past. There are many opportunities at this place, and great people as well. Also, I love helping people, especially children, so win win! I'm actually super excited about this job. :D

In any case, I thank you for being understanding. And I'll hopefully see you around. :)

PS - Huge thanks to all the new watchers I received while I've been gone! I hope to get to know you better as you hang around. I promise I'm not abandoning this place. I just won't be on as frequently as in years past. Life happens. :heart:

Loving you guys!
Destinie :blowkiss:
I would like to take a moment to recommend two amazing individuals to you: Marie Forleo and Kris Carr. If you want to live a happy and healthy life and learn some awesome business tips these beautiful women can help you out.

I WILL Draw The Following

:bulletred: Humans / Humanoid Characters (elves, demons, mermaids, kemonomimis, etc)
:bulletred: Anthro
:bulletred: Animals / Taurs / Fantasy Creatures
:bulletred: Pin-Ups, Sexy Lingerie (only for 18+ aged characters)
:bulletred: I will draw males and/or females. I also have no issue drawing transgender characters.
:bulletred: Fan Art

**NOTE: I always draw elves with very long pointed ears. If you are requesting a pointed ear character and do not want them to have this style of ear, you need to tell me in advance. Thanks. :)

:heart: If something isn't listed here, please feel free to ask. I'm open to most requests as long as they don't go against what I won't draw listed below.

I Will NOT Draw The Following

:bulletred: Excessive Gore (blood and light damage are okay)
:bulletred: Inflation / Bloated Characters
:bulletred: Porn / Sex / Masturbation (hugging and kissing is okay - I'm also okay with drawing people in positions that I consider tastefully sexy and romantic)
:bulletred: Nudity

If you have a question about something you would like to request, please feel free to ask and I'll let you know if it is something I am comfortable with or not.

:heart: I do have the right to decline your commission request. If your request is not something I am comfortable drawing, I have the right to say no and I will. So please make sure your request fits my guidelines.


Please see the following journal link for my full price list. :)

Please read the following journal before requesting to buy a commission from me, so that you know what I will and will not draw and how to make sure the commission process goes smoothly.


:star: PRICE: $15 USD (each character)
:bulletred: Maximum 3 Characters Per Image
:bulletred: Add Simple or Framed BG - Add $15 USD

:star: PRICE: $20 USD (each character)
:bulletred: Maximum 3 Characters Per Image
:bulletred: Add Simple or Framed BG - Add $15 USD

:star: PRICE: $25 USD (each character)
:bulletred: Maximum 3 Characters Per Image
:bulletred: Add Simple or Framed

Information On Making A Payment

Paypal Stamp by artist4com

:heart: I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL! I will not start your commission until payment is received. :heart:


:star: If you are interested in purchasing a commission from me, please fill out the form below and send to me via NOTE with subject "Commission":

:bulletred: Commission Type: (bust, chibi, waist-up, or full body)
:bulletred: Number of Characters (maximum of 3)
:bulletred: Character(s)'s Name(s): (what is the name of your character(s)?)
:bulletred: Atmosphere: (please tell me the emotion you wish to have conveyed, and an idea of the personality of character(s) - a general idea of what you want is ok, but keep in mind I do my best work when given creative liberties)
:bulletred: Reference Images: (Please provide reference images for the character(s) that you wish to have drawn)

Copyright Information

:heart: Commissions are only for your personal use. Do not claim it was created by you, do not sell, and do not post into your deviantART gallery without giving credit to me and linking to the original.

:heart: If you wish to include the image in a project you're working on like an art book or similar project that may involve selling, please speak to me first before using the piece. I must be given full credit for the creation of the image.

:heart: The character may belong to you, but the artwork is mine.

:heart: As the creator, I have the right to upload the commission to any location of my choosing. I do not do private commissions. Please expect your commission to be displayed if you purchase from me.

Commission Slots - OPEN


Commission - Chibi Jade Irons by TouchedVenus Commission - Science Class Welcome Banner by TouchedVenus Commission - Marina by TouchedVenus COMMISSION - Faith and Ashriel by TouchedVenus Commission - Harvest Goddess by TouchedVenus
Commission - Chibi Jade Irons by TouchedVenus
Commission - Chibi Jade Irons


Here is a chibi commission that I just finished for annoyinglizardvoice of his living statue character named Jade Irons. Thank for the commission!

Jade Irons © annoyinglizardvoice
Art © TouchedVenus
Commission is almost done, but I have to get my stuff together for a Halloween Party tonight. I will finish her tomorrow. HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS! <3


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