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Update On My Cat

Just in case some people were wondering from my last update, here is more on Tenebrae's situation:

Patrick (my husband) heard from the Vet Friday morning about working out a payment plan, and they are willing to work with us on making payments. I was able to move funds around, so we will be able to pay for Tenebrae’s medical bills.

Tenebrae’s ultrasound was done this morning and is complete. They found he has cholangitis - inflammation of the bile ducts. This is most likely caused by bacteria and he has been prescribed antibiotics to take for the next week.

Next Monday we will have another round of blood tests done to check his enzyme levels and see how he is doing. If the levels have not gone down, they will add an anti-inflammatory to his prescription and check again after another week. 

Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. :heart:

Fighting Depression

Those who have watched me for a long amount of time know that I suffer from clinical depression and anxiety. My depression has been raising up it’s ugly head for the past couple days. The whole thing with Tenebrae hasn’t been helping. I’m fighting it tooth and nail. Today, I must say that I am doing better than I was a couple days ago.

I know part of the problem is my sleep. I thought 8 hours would be enough, but I seem to have been wrong there. Going to try 9 hours and see if there is an improvement. I hate losing time during the day, but I know if I get rested I will operate better and be more successful. I’ve overslept six days in a row, however, and that let’s me know something is up.

I have continued to eat healthy and make healthy food choices when I’m out and can’t cook. I did, however, only exercised three days last week because of time issues and my oversleeping. We did start off this week by hitting the trail today, and we began week 2 of our 5k training because exercising makes noticeable differences in my ability to control stress and depression.

I don’t want to fail. I’ve failed so many times in so many things because my depression and anxiety stripped me down to nothing. I won't let them defeat me this time. I can’t afford to keep losing the battle.

I just know that if I can win the battle with my health… then I will finally be able to start trying to win the battle with my art and with my music. But my health has to be in a good place or I am going to mess up.

I guess I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been patiently waiting for me to get on the art train again. I just feel that getting my physical, mental, and spiritual health in order is the most important thing I can do for myself right now.

Weight Loss and Health Improvements

I can definitely tell that I'm losing weight. Clothes are getting looser, and on some of my pants I almost need a belt! My husband and I are also getting a lot faster in our morning walks / runs. We're clearing a little over 2 miles in 34 minutes now.

So far I've lost a total of 10-lbs in three weeks, and my husband has lost 11-lbs in three weeks. We're on a roll! As I mentioned in the last section, we've also started Week 2 of our 5k Marathon Training. We're going to rock that obstacle course in November! Going to be bringing in some strength training this week as well. :D

Photo Time!

Just some pictures of me, my husband, my family, and some friends from the past 3 days.

:bulletred: Hubby and I Being Goofy Before A Run
:bulletred: Bat Woman!
:bulletred: My Parents And Their Harley Davidson Tri Glide
:bulletred: Me Looking Good And Feeling Good
:bulletred: Bride and Bridesmaids - My friend Jess (in green) is getting married next June! :heart:

Some Inspiration and Motivation From Tumblr

Below are some things that I reblogged on tumblr that I found very inspiring and motivating. I hope they will help you as well. :heart:

:bulletred: #1 :bulletred: #2 :bulletred: #3 :bulletred: #4 :bulletred: #5 :bulletred: #6 :bulletred: #7 :bulletred: #8 :bulletred: #9 :bulletred:

In Closing / Summary

:bulletred: Tenebrae is finally on the road to recovery we hope.
:bulletred: While I still get depressed, I know what I need to do to help it out, so I'm taking those steps.
:bulletred: I've lost 10-lbs! Yay! And I feel better health-wise.

I hope that you are all doing very well, and please feel free to comment and chat. I love talking with my watchers. :heart:

Thanks for stopping by!




Tenebrae is Sick

For those that are new to my page or haven't been here very long, Tenebrae is my Maine Coon Cat. You can see recent pictures of him on my tumblr HERE and HERE.

If you follow my tumblr, you'll know that Tenebrae went to the vet today because we found worms in his stool and he hasn't been eating properly. He does eat, but very very little. He also hides and sleeps a lot more than normal.

This morning after his visit I wrote the following:

"The Vet is doing a full bloodwork in addition to the dewormer. The weight loss he had from stress and not eating really concerned them. If it’s nothing, then they at least have a good baseline for future visits. If it’s something, well he’s a cat and they tend not to physically show symptoms early.

Bloodwork should be back on Saturday, and he should be okay for now. The vet gave us some meds for him and want us to try to increase the amount of wet food he is eating.

Other than the worms and a little redness on his gumline, he is in excellent condition."

Well we just heard from the veterinarian this evening, because they got some of Tenebrae’s bloodwork back.

There are elevated enzymes in his liver and gallbladder. The vet doesn’t know how this happened since he’s an inside cat and the only other cat he plays with is Moz (my sister-in-law's cat) who is also an inside cat. They won’t know more until they get the rest of his bloodwork back on Saturday.

Most likely he has a liver infection, or a gallbladder infection. Less likely, but still on the table, is liver cancer. They want to do an ultrasound on him on Monday that will cost $300 we don’t have to give at the moment. That doesn’t include potential biopsy fee or medication or anything else.

We’re trying to see if the vet will allow us to pay them via a payment plan. 

I love Tenebrae dearly, and I’m doing my best to keep a cool logical head about all of this. I’ll let everyone know when we know more, but in the mean time please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He's my precious fur baby.

Personal Life - My Health Improvement Journey

In more lighthearted news, I have lost a total of 8lbs since my husband and I recently increased how much we work out and converted to being Ovo-Lacto Pescatarians. This means we eat mostly plant-based meals, but we still eat seafood, eggs, and dairy. I've also cut gluten out of my diet since I show signs of gluten sensitivity and there has been a tremendous difference in my health. We don't eat seafood, eggs, and dairy except on special occasion maybe once a week at most. I feel the best I've felt in years, and I don't need to rely on caffeine for energy. It's fantastic.

The other thing we're doing is training for a 5k Obstacle Course in November. We love participating in Marathons and Obstacle courses. Obstacle courses are especially fun for me because I feel like my inner child is coming out to play. When I was a youngin' I loved to run around and climb things pretending I was a warrior princess here to save the day. LOL It's great to have an outlet for that side of me as an adult, and it makes exercising fun.

To train we've been using the Zombie, Run app, specifically the Couch to 5k Training one. I've done the regular Zombie, Run app before, and it's a lot of fun. It feeds the gamer girl in me. I mean come on, who doesn't want to be ready for the zombie apocalypse? #1 Rule to survive is cardio! :D But yeah, treating fitness like a game was one of the best things I ever could do for myself. I NEED to level up! :heart:

I did make a mistake with my health, though. It has now been remedied. I foolishly continued taking my extra iron supplement (it was for the anemia I had from my hospital stay) with my multi-vitamin after we had increased the amount of iron-rich foods we ate. This caused me to have a bit too much iron in my system, so I ended up getting sick. Thankfully I know enough about vitamins, nutrition, and how bodies react to them to notice the warning signs. All I had to suffer with was two days of sickness to allow my body to get rid of the excess and then I was good to go. That is much better than a potential hospital visit, which being an adult it's less likely that I would have to go the hospital for a minor iron overload. Children on the other hand should be rushed to the hospital immediately.

In any case, I am much better now! And in non-health related news.... we're painting our bathroom! It's going to be pretty when we're done: IN PROGRESS PICTURE

And if you want to see, here are new pictures of moi that were taken since the last post. I typically post this kind of stuff regularly on tumblr:

:bulletred: Dog Interruption!
:bulletred: Rainy Day
:bulletred: All Natural

Final Fantasy XIV

And lastly, in Final Fantasy world:

:bulletred: I now have all of my gear from the Alexander Normal raid. You can see pictures of my black mage HERE
:bulletred: Then I let my inner Katy Perry show for Moonfire Faire because Baby You're A Firework
:bulletred: And lastly, I finally have my Esoterics Weapon!

I play Final Fantasy XIV on the Excalibur server, so if you play and you're there come and say hello when I'm online! My character name is Irryal Nocturne. :)

In Closing

And that's the update on what's been going on in my life over the past four days since I last updated. What have you guys been up to? :)




So, I realized it's been almost two weeks since I've updated my journal, and I should probably let you guys know what's going on. I promise I'll try to be better about updating in the future. :XD: On to the updates!!

Art Status

I have been really busy lately! I have been focusing on healing my body, mind, and soul mostly. I've also been doing a personal study on business management in my free time, working on a big music project, taking care of my mother when she was in the hospital, and being a secretary for my husband while we get some financial things taken care of (because we finally can! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!).

Due to this I have refunded the commissions that I had not worked on and contacted the buyers. Commissions are closed, and I do not know when or if they will be open again. It just depends on how things play out over the coming months.

I want to get my health completely in order and focus on my music and current art list before adding on more work. I don't currently have a deadline for when things will get done, but I'm slowly getting things in very good order and taking one day at a time. Things are moving forward and it feels great. I can only hope it stays this way.

I will be keeping you guys updated on how things are going! Promise. :D

Singing On YouTube - Work In Progress

As I mentioned in my last posts, I now have proper recording equipment. My husband bought me a really nice microphone and microphone stands so that I can start doing better quality recordings of my singing that I can post on youtube. Before all I had to use was a crappy headset or my phone. Talk about static! LOL I've been wanting to do this for years, but we weren't able to get the equipment until now. I'm super excited about it.

My husband controls all the recording, and all I have to do is show up to the mic and sing. We're still in the testing phase, however. I've done recordings of a few songs, and he's been checking the audio and playing with things in Adobe Audition. Songs we've been recording are:

:bulletred: "Melodies of Life" from Final Fantasy 9
:bulletred: "Kiss Me Goodbye" from Final Fantasy 12
:bulletred: "Dragonsong" from Final Fantasy 14

I look forward to when I'll actually be able to share them! I hope you'll check them out when they're available. :D

Final Fantasy XIV

As some of you know, I play the online game Final Fantasy XIV, and I absolutely love it. When Heavensward came out I used a fantasia and changed from an elezen into an au'ra. I couldn't make up my mind how I wanted the au'ra to look, though, and I made a whole lot of different models. Finally my husband and I have decided on a look for her! (Thank goodness)

:bulletred: You can see how she looked on my Facebook when I first made her here in her pre-Moonfire Faire glamour: HERE! Look in the comments to see two more screenshots of her.
:bulletred: A picture of Irryal waiting on the Duty Roulette: Expert queue HERE
:bulletred: Her new glamour for Moonfire Faire with the new bathing suit and a lovely sun hat: HERE (another picture in the comments)
:bulletred: And I finally got my adamantoise mount! So here is Irryal riding and cheering: HERE

My Health

Back in May of this year, people may recall that I was hospitalized due to a pregnancy that went wrong. The pregnancy was ectopic in my right Fallopian tube, and the tube burst causing me to nearly bleed to death. I had to have surgery and I lost half of my body's blood in the process. Thankfully I'm alive and here today healing quite well. The entire episode was tragic, but it happened and I can't change that. What I can do is move forward.

It took me a lot longer to recover from what happened than I had hoped. I didn't start feeling normal again until July. I also realized that I would have recovered physically faster had I been in better shape, so I decided to take back the reigns on of my life.

I took a nutrition class a couple years ago, and I've kept up my studies on nutrition since then. Just recently my husband has been making enough money that we can start living based off my knowledge. We've removed all meat except seafood from our diet (neither of us really crave meat anyway) and have moved to a mostly vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. We've been eating like this for two weeks and I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. I mean my mind is even starting to heal, and I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression and anxiety when I was 18 years old (12 years ago). 

We also run/walk every morning, and we're currently doing 5k training and will be participating in an obstacle course in November.

I'm losing weight, and I have energy and a clearer mind that I haven't had in quite a while. It's refreshing. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm heading in that direction and having fun along the way. And when we're ready to try again for another baby, I know I'll be more confident and able to take on any challenges that face me.

Update on My Mother

My mother was in the hospital just recently because of a suspected light heart attack. It ended up being something else, but even still it was scary. We're glad she's back home now, and I just got off the phone with her today. She's been resting like the doctor told her to, and she sounds so much better. I would still love for you all to continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers, though. I need her healthy!

New Pictures of Me

And if you really want to see some pictures of my, my husband, and our fur babies, these are the most recent on Facebook:

:bulletred: Crazy Morning Hair
:bulletred: My adorable pomeranian and pictures of the trail we run every morning
:bulletred: Me Drinking Morning Juice
:bulletred: Kyuubi, my pomeranian, looking guilty that he's back in bed again, and on my side for that matter!
:bulletred: Me looking pretty and holding Kyuubi
:bulletred: Me and My Awesome Pink Penguin Pants
:bulletred: My husband and Kyuubi - ROTTEN!
:bulletred: Me Grocery Shopping, LOL
:bulletred: Me with another Morning Juice
:bulletred: Me looking good yesterday before going to cheer on my husband at his Malifaux Tournament
:bulletred: My husband posing with his award since he won first place in the Malifaux Tournament. I'm a lucky charm! <3
:bulletred: Me Today Being A Super Goofball
:bulletred: Lastly, my husband versus a coconut


In Closing

I've had a lot going on in the past two weeks since I've updated last. Lots of good things thankfully, and I'm super thankful for everyone who has recently joined in watching my account or who has stayed through thick and thin. You guys are awesome! Thanks!

Talk to you all later! MUAH!




We've already done some test runs. I'm super happy about this. My husband is still fiddling with the equipment, but hopefully something will be on youtube sooner than later. :D




For those that were unaware, I've been with my mother off and on for the past little bit. She's been sick, and we finally got her to the hospital on Monday. Initially we thought she had had a heart attack, but it seems it was something else.

I talked directly to the doctor.

There is no muscle damage or evidence of a heart attack based on all the tests they have performed. However, they aren't entirely sure what happened. Her doctor suspects that it was an artery spasm, but the team of doctors at the hospital are continuing to look over her case.

In better news, the stint they put in mom's heart during her last hospital visit is doing excellent. Her heart has improved from 40% function to 60% function, and overall her heart is looking better. The doctor also said her kidneys are improving.

The doctor states he isn't going to do the heart catheterization or anything else. My mother turns 69 this year, and the procedures are too risky. Also her continued improvement makes him not want to take those risks.

Mom should be going home today unless something comes up. The doctor wants her to stay home and rest, and he wants her to be watched closely for the next couple weeks.

Also, the Doctor said next time she needs to come to emergency and not wait to try to get in contact with him. He still wants her to call him, but if they can't get him to call the hospital and talk to another cardiologist.

And that's about it for now. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. :heart:


I currently have 21 items on my to do list that need to be completed. Six of those items are commissions, and they will be taking priority. Due to how hectic things have been recently, my schedule has gotten shot all to pieces so things are still a little wonky on the time things will be completed, but definitely well before the end of August on the commissions. I have to close commissions again, unfortunately, to allow me to catch up. Once things are stable I will open them again. Thanks for being understanding, and thank you to those who have helped out.


In other news.... guess what will be coming to a youtube channel near you?!


Just a quick update to let you guys know I am not ignoring you. My mother is in the hospital, and so I'm a bit preoccupied at the moment. It looks like she had another light heart attack, but they are doing tests to see if she has to have more stints put in. Please keep her in your prayers... this will be her 7th stint in her heart...



If you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to ask! :D


:bulletred: What is the symbol next to your username?:
+ Many of you have asked how I got the fancy symbol next to my name and what it means. Well, that's the Senior Member symbol. I received this symbol after I served on the Community Relations team for the Anime/Manga community here on deviantART. It was my pleasure and an honor to serve. :rose: You can learn more about becoming a senior member below:

FAQ #29: How do I become a Senior Member?


:bulletred: What tools do you use?:
+ For traditional art I use a mechanical pencil, sketchbook, and if I want color I will use Prismacolor Pencils.
+ For digital art I sketch and plan in Photoshop CC and then I do all my linework and painting in PaintTool SAI. I draw with a Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet.


:bulletred: Are you open for commissions?:
+ Not at this time, however, you can see more information about my commissions in the following links:
+ Commission Information - Read this journal for info on what I will and will not draw, how to request, how to pay, and to see available slots.
+ Commission Prices - This journal contains the information on the commission types I offer and their prices.
+ Commission Rewards - Read this journal to see what rewards are available to those who purchase commissions from me. There are also rewards listed for when I reach certain milestones.

:bulletred: Are you open for art trades?:
+ No, I am not open at this time. When I do art trades it is almost always with really close friends that I know offline. There are rare occassions that I will open up art trades with my watchers. When I do so it will be via a journal. Make sure you're watching my journals if this is something you may be interested in. If you're interested in art from me now, please consider purchasing a commission.

:bulletred: Can you please draw me a picture for free?
+ Sorry, I do not do free art. If you're interested in art from me, please consider purchasing a commission.

:bulletred: Will you do an art collaboration with me?
+ No, I only do art collaborations with really close friends that I know offline, and even then I rarely do it. If you're interested in coloring some of my art, please consider purchasing a line art commission.

LAST UPDATED: 07/29/2015

MISSION:I want to help pay off all of my husband and I's debt. This includes paying off our car, paying off college loans, and paying off credit cards. I'm only paying off part of the debt while my husband takes care of the rest. 

We've happily reached a state where we have enough money to pay monthly bills, eat healthily, have fuel for the car, and have a small amount of fun every week so we don't go insane with cabin fever. However, we don't have enough to quickly take out the debt that has accumulated, most of which is college loans. I wish to earn the money through commissions and give us that extra boost to get rid of the debt sooner than later. 

Please help out by purchasing a commission from me or at the very least spreading the word for my commissions.

:bulletred: Commission Information - Read this journal for info on what I will and will not draw, how to request, how to pay, and to see available slots.
:bulletred: Commission Prices - This journal contains the information on the commission types I offer and their prices.
:bulletred: Commission Rewards - Read this journal to see what rewards are available to those who purchase commissions from me. There are also rewards listed for when I reach certain milestones.


:star: END GOAL: $22,000 USD
:star: GOAL REACHED: $67 USD


:star: JULY 2015 GOAL: $190 USD
:star: JULY 2015 GOAL REACHED: $67 USD


Commission - Lucien Bust by TouchedVenus Commission - Madam Widow Bust by TouchedVenus Commission - Vella Bust by TouchedVenus Commission - Chrysocolla Bust by TouchedVenus Commission - Kohaku by TouchedVenus Commission - Beccat by TouchedVenus Commission - Xaneria, Savaena, and Grandchild by TouchedVenus Commission - Myralion, Ilaera, and Child by TouchedVenus Commission - Xuan Long and Qi Rui by TouchedVenus Commission - Ravenswood, Melody, and Emily by TouchedVenus    
Hello Hello!

So when I woke up this morning it came to my mind that I probably won't be able to work on Sapphirine's face today because of multiple reasons.

1. I stayed up until 5am, and I've now just awoken at 12pm.
2. I have DnD this afternoon at 6pm.

I need to clean house, updated finances, and get a shower before then. So my art time is going to be limited. I'll still see if I can squeeze something in, but I probably won't work on the image again until tomorrow. It would be so nice if I could complete it this weekened and move on to the next piece. :D

Been thinking about what I want to do this month art-wise. I have ideas, and we'll see what comes of it. I know I'm going to definitely do these three:

+ Grimoire Rose: 3k Thanks
+ Kidariko's Raffle Prize
+ mirz-alt's Raffle Prize

Some ideas and things I've been wanting to draw:

+ Grimoire Rose - Comic Pages
+ Something summery and Grimoire Rose related
+ My husband and I's eternally bonded Final Fantasy XIV couple - Azrael and Irryal (they are so cute together)
+ Rose Quartz from Steven Universe
+ Garnet from Steven Universe
+ Amethyst from Steven Universe
+ A Grimoire Rose / Steven Universe crossover
+ Kuja from Final Fantasy IX
+ Zidane and Garnet from Final Fantasy IX
+ Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII
+ Xellos from Slayers
+ Amon from Legend of Korra

My desire is pretty equal on all of the ideas, so it's been difficult deciding from the group what I'm going to work on before the passion for the idea fades. :XD: Definitely not going to be able to do it all this month. We'll see what gets chosen and what doesn't. I'm just so happy that the desire is there again. :love: 

I know when I do the Zidane and Garnet piece (definitely doing this one at some point, maybe not this month but it is happening), I will be doing a sing-over with it. Basically it will be a sped up drawing/painting video of my process on the image with me singing a cover of Melodies of Life over it. Not sure when it's going to happen, but it's happening. I've been collecting equipment/programs for good sound quality and screen capturing. I think we just about have everything now, and I just need to do some test runs. My husband is helping me out. :D

I have studied musical performance pretty much my entire life and even went to a university for it. I feel like those talents have been sitting on the sidelines, and have decided to put them back to use. :XD: So, I hope you enjoy the sing-overs when they start coming out. :D I'll be posting them on youtube for your viewing pleasure. :) Eventually I'll start recording original songs, but for now we're sticking to covers probably mostly from video games, movies, and broadway shows. :'D

But yeah, if you don't see any art previews today, I'll get some more out this weekend and maybe even a finished piece if time allows. Thanks for being patient and supportive! :love:


EDIT: Added final preview of Scarlet's face for tonight.

EDIT: Added second preview :)

Weee first preview of how my Scarlet is coming along so far!

Just a reminder because I know his name confuses people sometimes, but Scarlet is in fact male. Scarlet isn't his real name. It's just what people call him because he wears a lot of red, and he's not inclined to give out his real name. He's got the whole enigma thing going on.

Yes, he is wearing red make-up. He isn't trans or anything, though (nothing against that I do have trans characters and bi-sexual characters). He just likes how the red looks on his eyes and happens to like fashion. :'D

Actually I do have two trans characters that are happily married to each other. I'll have to show them off one day. They are fun, and loosely based off a lovely couple I used to know.

In any case, I love my handsome baby. -snuggles him-

Preview Image:
Art Preview: Scarlet's Eyes by TouchedVenus Art Preview: Scarlet's Eyes and Nose by TouchedVenus Art Preview: Scarlet's Face by TouchedVenus

For those unaware, Scarlet is one of the characters from the story I've been working on with my husband for the past few years. He's come a long way in design and story, and we actually merged him with another character for the sake of the story about a year or so ago. Just made more sense for them to be one instead of separate. They were way too similar.

Here are older pictures of him for you to enjoy:
GR: Did You Miss Me? by TouchedVenus GR: Scarlet Autumn by TouchedVenus GR: Chibi Scarlet by TouchedVenus GR: Evanescence by TouchedVenus GR: Scarlet Pin-Up by TouchedVenus GR: This Is How I Disappear by TouchedVenus GR: Scarlet Seduction by TouchedVenus

Thanks for looking!

EDIT: Added third preview showing his whole face. :)

EDIT: Added a second preview to show the changes and what I've done so far. Details about it written in the artist comments of the image.

Digital painting takes forever, but I do like the result far more than just drawing and throwing on quick colors. I am still working on this one picture that I started on before going into the hospital. I know when I do it more and decide what I do and do not like I'll get faster. That's how it's always been with my art.

Right now I'm still in the slow stage of figuring out the methods I prefer. Fun to explore, but I get impatient sometimes because I love results. Art is such a great way to teach yourself patience and enjoying the journey. I'm thankful for having it in my life.

In any case, tiny tiny tiny unfinished snippet of a three person picture I'm working on:

Art Preview: Cassidy's Eye by TouchedVenus Art Preview: Cassidy's Eyes by TouchedVenus Art Preview: Cassidy's Face by TouchedVenus

Made a fun comparison of Cassidy from 2006 to Cassidy now:

Cassidy: 2006 vs 2015 by TouchedVenus

LOL just realized I have new watchers who are not familiar with my characters. :XD: This is one of my pretty boys. His name is Cassidy Raven. Here are some OLD pictures of him (It's been well over a year since I drew a picture of him):

GR: Wait For Me by TouchedVenus GR: Cassidy Mini-Chibi by TouchedVenus GR: Let's Play A Game by TouchedVenus GR: Chibi Cassidy Raven by TouchedVenus GR: Catch Me If You Can by TouchedVenus

--Destinie :rose:
Hey guys,

EDIT: Heh... nevermind on the commissions. My husband has asked that I don't open them for a while and focus on personal work... so I guess that means Grimoire Rose and Fan Art for the next month or so. I hope you guys don't mind.

I know I recently posted about my Patreon again with it updated, but it looks like I might be taking it down and trying something else. The take down could be temporary or permanent. I haven't decided yet, but at the moment it just doesn't feel like it's working.

At the moment I'm in a state where commissions aren't absolutely necessary. My husband's new job brings in more than enough money to take care of bills, and that's wonderful. Anything I bring in via commissions is simply something that would help us get out of debt faster and start being able to save up for a house faster. Which would be wonderful mind you. LOL I get a little impatient for change at times.

In any case, my husband and I are working a little something out that will hopefully allow me commission time, rewards to you guys for helping me reach money goals, and also allowing me plenty of time to work on my personal projects like Grimoire Rose.

So stay tuned. :)

:star: Recently Completed Art:

Commission - Kohaku by TouchedVenus Commission - Beccat by TouchedVenus Gift - King Gaius Bust by TouchedVenus Commission - Xaneria, Savaena, and Grandchild by TouchedVenus Commission - Myralion, Ilaera, and Child by TouchedVenus Commission - Xuan Long and Qi Rui by TouchedVenus Commission - Ravenswood, Melody, and Emily by TouchedVenus Commission - Captain Pounce'alot Bust by TouchedVenus Commission - Chibi Captain Pounce'alot Line Art by TouchedVenus Commission - Chibi Sugar Sweet by TouchedVenus


Hello Everyone!!

I'm happy to announce that my Patreon is now back up and running. Goals have been updated as well as the Pledge Rewards! I would really love your support, so if you would like to help out please check out the giant link at the top of this journal for more information!

As artists it is our greatest passion to draw our own ideas and our hearts' desires, but that is not always something that can be done easily when bills need to be paid. My hope is that through Patreon I will be able to spend less time on commissions and more time on my personal project Grimoire Rose and doing fun things with my viewers and supporters. As my patrons increase I will add more rewards and more milestones for everyone to enjoy, so the more the merrier!

You are giving per month and payment will be taken at the beginning of each month. Pledge rewards will be given out during the first week of each month AFTER payment is processed.

Every little bit you give helps. Even if only $1! But the more you give the more perks you get! Keep reading below to see what is available to my patrons.



If I reach this goal, every month I will draw a fan art that my patrons get to vote on what the topic will be! Here is your chance to see me draw the fan art you've been wanting to see! :D The 300dpi PSD, 300dpi Line Art PSD, and Step-by-Step Process Sheet for this fan art will be available to all patrons!



:bulletred: LEVEL ONE: If you pledge $1 or more you will receive the following perks:
1. Patreon only view of my doodles and sketches for the month.
2. If you're on deviantART and you're also one of my watchers you will receive your art featured on my deviantART monthly.

:bulletred: LEVEL TWO: If you pledge $5 or more you will receive the following perks:
1. All of the Level One perks.
2. Exclusive access to the step-by-step processes of all digital works finished over the course of the month.

:bulletred: LEVEL THREE: If you pledge $10 or more you will receive the following perks:
1. All of the Level One and Level Two perks.
2. Exclusive access to the High Res 300dpi PSD all Fan Art and Grimoire Rose art I complete during the month. I will not provide the PSDs for the original characters of others.

:bulletred: LEVEL FOUR: If you pledge $20 or more you will receive the following perks:
1. All of the Level One, Level Two, and Level Three perks.
2. Exclusive access to the High Res 300 dpi Line Art PSD all Fan Art and Grimoire Rose art I complete during the month. If you do color these works, please be sure to give me credit for the line work and the Grimoire Rose characters. I will not provide Line Art PSDs for the original characters of others.

:bulletred: LEVEL FIVE: If you pledge $25 or more you will receive the following perks: [LIMITED AVAILABILITY: 4 Open Spots]
1. All of the Level One, Level Two, Level Three, and Level Four perks.
2. You get a head and shoulders commission each month you hold this spot from me of any character of your choice, full color, and framed background with the High Res 300dpi PSD and Line Art and the step-by-step process of the image. My Commission Rules Here - Next are examples of Head and Shoulder Art I've done recently:
Gift - King Gaius Bust by TouchedVenus Commission - Captain Pounce'alot Bust by TouchedVenus Gift - Whovian Hobbit Bust by TouchedVenus

:bulletred: LEVEL SIX: If you pledge $50 or more you will receive the following perks: [LIMITED AVAILABILITY: 3 Open Spots]
1. All of the Level One, Level Two, Level Three, and Level Four perks.
2. You get a chibi commission each month you hold this spot from me of any character of your choice, full color, and framed background with the High Res 300dpi PSD and Line Art and the step-by-step process of the image. My Commission Rules Here - Next are examples of Chibi Art I've done recently:
Commission - Chibi Captain Pounce'alot Line Art by TouchedVenus Commission - Chibi Sugar Sweet by TouchedVenus Commission - Chibi Eva by TouchedVenus

:bulletred: LEVEL SEVEN: If you pledge $100 or more you will receive the following perks: [LIMITED AVAILABILITY: 2 Open Spots]
1. All of the Level One, Level Two, Level Three, and Level Four perks.
2. You get a half body commission each month you hold this spot from me of any character of your choice, full color, and full background with the High Res 300dpi PSD and Line Art and the step-by-step process of the image. My Commission Rules Here - Next are examples of Half Body Art I've done recently:
Commission - Kohaku by TouchedVenus Commission - Beccat by TouchedVenus Commission - Xaneria, Savaena, and Grandchild by TouchedVenus

:bulletred: LEVEL EIGHT: If you pledge $150 or more you will receive the following perks: [LIMITED AVAILABILITY: 1 Open Spots]
1. All of the Level One, Level Two, Level Three, and Level Four perks.
2. You get a full body commission each month you hold this spot from me of any character of your choice, full color, and full background with the High Res 300dpi PSD and Line Art and the step-by-step process of the image. My Commission Rules Here - Next are examples of Full Body Art I've done recently:
Commission - Fran from FF12 - Line Art by TouchedVenus Commission - Marina by TouchedVenus COMMISSION - Faith and Ashriel by TouchedVenus



Please see the following two journals for more information on my commissions:
:bulletred: Commissions Price List (Prices from $4 to $304)

And if you're just too broke to help out financially, but you still wish to help out in some way, please take the time to advertise this journal for me on your deviantART account! Spreading the word is always helpful and much appreciated. :D

Thanks in advance you beautiful people! :love:


Update on my brother, Dragon-Bat:
They've got him on IV fluids and nutrients, water only. He didn't throw up today, but did a lot yesterday. He's alright overall, disappointed that stuff happened and he can't go home yet, but not depressed like last time. Not sure about when he's going home. He had another partial blockage that caused his food to not get digested and instead come back up.

Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

Other than that I h
ad a bit of a lazy evening. My Final Fantasy XIV character (Irryal Nocturne on Excalibur) is now item level 180, though my headgear still needs to be upgraded to i180.

lordpenguinman and I also started working on clearing the new Alexander Raid. We are on the final floor, and we've abandoned three times. First two times we ended up with horribly childish people who I guarantee would have wet themselves had he or I directly confronted them in person about their immaturity. Alas, people love the security a computer gives them. We did a third run with some people from the Free Company, but honestly I'm not sure why people were dying that time. LOL But who cares! I got a new shiny ring from running what we did of Alexander, so it's all good.

We will probably try again sometime tomorrow, though my husband and I need to finish painting the kitchen, and I have a few other more productive things I want to take care of before doing that. Including working some more on the 3k Thank You picture! Oh, and he and I have obligations at a friend's house tomorrow as well. So maybe art will actually be on Sunday. We'll see. Trying to not force deadlines on myself because that's been an unsuccessful experience for far too long.

Anyway, we also cleared Bismarck Extreme today. Fun times! Ravana Extreme wasn't a successful clear, though. Oh well. We will try again later. XD

And that's it for me. Have a good night everyone!

--Destinie :rose:

Please pray for my brother Dragon-Bat. He was supposed to come home from the hospital today and things turned a little ugly at the last minute, and he's plugged back up to everything except for the tube down his throat.

He's stable, but the doctors are trying to figure out what happened.

I don't care to go into details, but I'm having a hard day. As such, I can't guarantee an art stream tonight. I'm not going to promise one tomorrow either. I need to get some things situated. I might still stream tonight, but I don't know. We'll see.

In any case, if you don't mind, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I'm struggling, and I don't want to talk about it more than that.

Thank you.

Well, I thought I was going to stream tonight, but after a very busy day my eyelids are incredibly heavy and I don't think I'd be able to concentrate on coloring before passing out at my desk. LOL My brother (Dragon-Bat) has been back in the hospital, but he's coming home tomorrow! My husband (lordpenguinman) and I were out visiting with him for a bit. He looks so good compared to how he was when we saw him after his surgery earlier last week. I know he's going to be happy to be home tomorrow as well.

Go give him some love and welcome him home! :heart:

Lore of the Stickman by Dragon-Bat Dragon-bat by Dragon-Bat Machine Infernal- Volatilis Sententia by Dragon-Bat Undead Rooster Rooftop by Dragon-Bat Nosferatu by Dragon-Bat

Also now let's try to keep myself and my family members out of the hospital for a bit. :'D

Planning to do some art streaming tomorrow. :heart:

--Destinie :rose:
Hooray! Had a successful art stream via last night. There were lots of technical difficulties but with the help of my husband (lordpenguinman), his sister (theotherkirby), and a close friend of ours we got it all sorted out. I'm thankful for them sitting in and listening for errors in sound and video quality.

Though we still had issues like a 20 to 40 second delay between what I did and when it showed up on the video, so if I responded to someone over my mic they wouldn't hear my response immediately. The video also froze a couple times, and I would have to reset the stream. I'm using OBS with assistance from Adobe Audition for sound quality. We're thinking about trying out Picarto either tonight or tomorrow to see the quality difference.

Overall I was pretty happy with how the stream went, though. We had Distant Worlds playing in the background while I worked on laying down more color to a picture I had started on before I ended up in the hospital. So happy to be working on art again. Several people who follow me here on deviantART stopped in for conversation and to watch me work as well which was fun. Thank you so much again for stopping in! :D

The picture I'm working on is a thank you picture to my deviantART watchers since before my hospital incident I reached over 3,000 followers. HAPPY! After that I have three personal pictures planned and fourteen pictures for other people that I owe, so I'm going to be pretty busy art wise for I expect at least two months before I open commissions back up. I'm going to work and play it by ear and see what happens. It just feels so good to be back in business.

Also with the recording equipment starting to work properly I'm going to look into squeezing music recording in at some point. Not sure when, still kind of playing things by ear. I know my husband and I were talking about maybe doing a music test run on Friday, but that depends on how much we get done before then on other stuff. Songs planned so far that I've been practicing:

+ Little Drummer Boy (for lilbit075 and her mother)
+ Kiss Me Goodbye - from Final Fantasy 12
+ Melodies of Life - from Final Fantasy 9
+ Dragonsong - from Final Fantasy 14

Love that style of music so much <3

But yeah, this is kind of where I am at right now on working with stuff. I'll let you guys know the next time I'm streaming, so if you've got time and want to say hello feel free to drop by! :D Might even test out doing recordings and putting them on youtube which is more permanent. We'll see! <3

In any case, love you guys and hope you're all doing well!

--Destinie :rose:
Hello everyone!

EDIT: Alrighty guys! Stopping for tonight. Will continue streaming tomorrow, and I will start working on the more painting side of things and detailing. Thanks for watching!

EDIT: Sorry it seems like the stream froze for a moment. I have it back up and running again.

I'm going to start streaming again. Still working out a schedule for streaming, but let's just have some fun today, shall we? I'm no longer streaming with Livestream. I now stream with Twitch.


TODAY'S MUSIC: Distant Worlds - Final Fantasy Collection, All 3 Albums

PROJECT: Grimoire Rose, Thanks for over 3,000 watches on my deviantART account! Covering the coloring process since I already drew this before my hospital visit. I do start off messy just as a heads up. I'll begin by laying down the colors I wish to use for shading/highlighting/etc and once I've done that for the whole picture I'll begin removing lines and blending like you've seen me do on recent images:

Commission - Beccat by TouchedVenus Commission - Captain Pounce'alot Bust by TouchedVenus FF14: Halloween 2014 by TouchedVenus

Streaming July-7-2015 [OFFLINE] by TouchedVenus

CAN YOU ASK QUESTIONS?: Yes! There is a chat box, so feel free to talk to me and anyone else that might hop in. I will be talking via microphone, and as a heads up there is a 20 second delay in the video.

Looking Forward To Seeing You!
Many apologies at how late this is, but I've just now gotten some order back in my life after the incident that happened. Thank you for being patient. :heart:

People In The Raffle For February 2015 Commissions:
01. xdarkx567
02. mirz-alt
03. shrimpHEBY
04. epicShadowdragon
05. BecSparrow
06. Xaneria

Random Number Generator by TouchedVenus

WINNER IS: :party: :iconmirz-alt: :party:

You win a free waist-up, one character, no background image from me! :D Please send me a note with what you'd like, and congrats again. :D

Commissions are currently closed, but I will let everyone know when they are open again. Thank you again to everyone who helped out!

Thanks guys! :D