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So, I decided to start playing again after being away from the game for ages. I haven't played since Lich King. :'D A lot of stuff changed, so I decided to start over pretty much all of my characters on there. I play on Dalvengyr. I prefer Horde (Blood Elf Hunter, Undead Warlock, Blood Elf Death Knight) but I have Alliance (Night Elf Druid, Worgen Rogue, Draenei Paladin, Human Priest) characters, too. I also have a Pandaren Monk. Any other players out there? :) I usually prefer solo play, but it's nice to have someone to chat with every once in a while.

My Battle Tag: TouchedVenus#1826

--Venus :rose:
So, I caved and made an account at Weasyl. You can see me here:

Just thought I'd let you guys know. :laughing:

--Venus :rose:
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who gave me their condolences and comforting words with the loss of Cozette. My heart still aches, but I feel much better now than I did. I've been working on a picture in her honor that is almost done and will be posted either later tonight or tomorrow. After that I'll be back to work on other things. Working on the picture has really helped me come to peace with things, and appreciate how supportive everyone has been. So once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys are exceptionally lovely and it means a lot to me.

There has been a lot going on in my life recently aside from Cozette's passing. My health hasn't been good, and I'm in the middle of making preparations to have regular doctor visits to try to get better. I don't 100% know what's wrong, but I'll know more when I see the doctor. I'm just tired of feeling so sickly all the time.

My pomeranian, Kyuubi, has also been pretty sick. He gave us a scare yesterday because he was crying so much, and we couldn't take him to the vet because it was closed for the weekend and there isn't an emergency vet close by that we know about. He has all the symptoms of an upset stomach, so we've been treating him for it accordingly with boiled chicken, brown rice, and a little bit of apple cider vinegar. He started improving after that. I also make sure he gets plenty of water. He's still cried a little bit today, but at least now he's acting more normal and even tried to chase a squirrel. I'm sure he'll be fine, but his timing on getting sick was quite poor. I know you can't plan for this sort of stuff, but my goodness I feel like everything is after me lately.

I'll be fine, though, so please don't concern yourself over me. I just wanted to give an update on what's happening. If anything, just keep me in your thoughts and prayers that things will calm down so I can breathe. That would be nice. :)

In any case, I hope your week has been pleasant, and feel free to tell me about it below especially if something good has happened with you lately. :aww:

Stay classy folks!
--Venus :rose:

I have some prizes that need to be replaced, because I haven't heard from the donators since I contacted them two months ago, and it seems like these particular individuals aren't on dA anymore, so if you can volunteer your time to provide the missing prizes to my winners I would greatly appreciate it. :)

Here is what needs to be replaced:

:star: FIRST PLACE :star:

:bulletred: Journal Feature
:bulletred: Calligraphic Custom Convention Name Tag or User Signature Banner (traditional, digital, or mix - your choice) **

**You can change this prize to another kind of art prize if you wish that would equate what was offered.

:star: SECOND PLACE :star:

:bulletred: Journal Feature

:heart: You can see the contest winners here:…

Thanks for your help! :D

--Venus :rose:
I'm sorry. I know I told a couple people I'd have some art up before today, but this was unexpected... and it always seems to be something. I'm always being attacked by something to prevent me from getting where I want to be and it's incredibly frustrating...

I always complete what I promise, though, so please be patient with me... please. I'm in too much pain to focus, but I will be alright. I just need to rest and get my head back on straight.

RIP Cozette - In Memory by TouchedVenus

--Venus :rose:
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Hello again,

Some of you may have noticed that I have un-watched a lot of you, and in turn have asked what's up. I was going to make this journal anyway, but you guys jumped on me faster than I could respond. ^^; All I ask at this point is that you hear me out.

As I get older, I get busier and my responsibilities increase. I'm not a teenager, and in October I'll no longer be a "tween" as some people like to call those in their 20s. I'm married and my husband and I are wanting to finally start having kids soon. We just moved into a new place, my husband has an amazing job, and I'm adjusting into an art and music career thanks to my wonderful husband. My office is almost set up, and I have to make sacrifices for my life goals. May has been a month of clean up and removal for my family. 

I absolutely love deviantART. I have been a member here since November 16, 2004. I've served on the CR Team for the Manga/Anime gallery. I've watched this site go through growing pains and become the place that it is today continuing to grow and change to fit the needs of the artistic masses and our changing society. I've also met a lot of amazing people here and seen so much gorgeous art over the years. In fact, I have a lot to thank deviantART for. I wasn't a good artist at all when I joined, and I've grown and changed myself over the years to reach the point I'm currently at which is far better than I ever dreamed I'd be, and I have hopes to be even better than I am now in another ten years.

In short, I want to focus on my family, art, and music more which means I need to cut back on deviantART time. I'm not leaving because this place has become my internet home of sorts, and I adore the community. Since it's actually quite impossible for me to stick with my focus and watch back every single person who watches me (there are 2757 of you) I've cleared back my watchlist to only include active groups, old and super close friends and family, and those who blow my mind with their work.

This doesn't mean I may not eventually watch you back again or that I'll never talk to you!!!

When I have the time I will continue to try to give communication opportunities and chances for you to share your work with me. I do care about you guys, but I have to think about my sanity, too. :lol: Cutting back will mean more art from me, and I'd like to think a better quality experience for all those watching me.

My plan for the rest of May:

:bulletred: Complete at least 5 pictures from my Owed list if not more.
:bulletred: Complete the Winter Solider collab I'm doing with my best bud lilbit075
:bulletred: Complete at least 2 fan arts I have rolling around in my head.
:bulletred: Complete at least 1 Grimoire Rose piece, because I cannot let my charries run dry.
:bulletred: Finish my office space - organize my new desk / buy more shelving / finish the music studio

This list is tentative, but it's what I'd like to do. When the art owed list is cleared out, I'll open commissions, start a new contest, and begin posting Grimoire Rose (my comic starring my characters). I can't give an exact date for when things will be done. My life has proven to not be something I can schedule that clearly right now, but I will do my best.

If you don't want to continue to watch me because I'm not watching you, that is fine! I don't want you to feel obligated to watch me if you don't like my work. I want you to feel comfortable here.

Also never forget that if you guys want to talk to me, I'm open to most conversations and will respond most of the time, so don't be afraid to say Hello! I don't bite. :aww: And if I have time and you need help with something or need advice or just someone to talk to or even only listen, I'm here for that as well. Once again, I may not respond immediately if I'm not caught up on things, but at the moment I am pretty caught up and will let you guys know if I'm swamped.

Once again, thanks for everything. I love you guys, and I appreciate your understanding of my situation.

--Venus :rose:


Gift - Cheryl Lao by TouchedVenus Gift - Jayne Cobb by TouchedVenus Commission - Harvest Goddess by TouchedVenus GR: Odessa Christmas 2013 by TouchedVenus White Christmas by TouchedVenus
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I hope that everyone has been doing well while I have been away. I'm just finally starting to settle in to the new place, which I love by the way. This place is absolutely gorgeous and peaceful. I'm surrounded by trees, and the living room and kitchen are super open. I also have a large screened in patio and there is a path down to the lake right behind our place. We had the kitchen renovated before we moved in, and I absolutely LOVE what they did in there. They got rid of the horrible low hanging cabinets and raised them so that I can actually use that counter space, and it opened up the kitchen a lot. They replaced all the cabinets and counters as well. I love that black marble stone counter sooooo much.

The only room that isn't finished is the office / guest room. We got rid of our old computer desks, and we've been looking for new ones. I'm wanting an L-Desk with plenty of shelving, but it needs to be able to hold my dual monitors and have room for my tablet and speakers. The room is small, so I have to be super picky. There will also be a second desk for my husband that will hold his computer, but also give him enough space to work on his models, and I'd also like some space to be able to do traditional art work in there as well, and do my printing. The biggest issue is that we have to make sure there is enough space to blow up the queen sized air bed when we have guests over. Once we get the furniture in there, I know that everything will fall together perfectly. :D It's going to be a great room for inspiration.

In the mean time, I've started back to work today on art, but I'm using my laptop. It's not ideal, but it does what I need it to do in the mean time until I can get my desktop set up in the office.

But yeah, that's what is up with me. Hoping to have new art posted sooner than later. :D

So, how have you guys been? Did you have a good Mother's Day? Feel free to start up a conversation in the comments below. :D


Gift - Cheryl Lao by TouchedVenus Gift - Jayne Cobb by TouchedVenus Commission - Harvest Goddess by TouchedVenus GR: Odessa Christmas 2013 by TouchedVenus White Christmas by TouchedVenus
Hey Guys!

As you know, I post one of these every now and then requesting you to tell me what you think I need to improve on. I'm looking for critique on my overall ability and not individual pictures. Once I complete a piece I don't go back and edit it unless I get in the mood to do a complete redo. ^^; SO PLEASE ANSWER ALL OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! :D

:bulletred: What do you like most about my artwork? What do you think I should keep doing?
:bulletred: What do you think I should work on the most to make my artwork better? Please provide any tips and tutorials you have or know of. :) I'm looking for thoughts on my drawing style AND my coloring. :)
:bulletred: And just out of curiosity, what is your favorite piece of mine and why?
:bulletred: Lastly, anything in particular you would like to see from me? I'm hoping to have my To Do List cleared about by the end of May. :)

Here are the pieces I've done over the past 12 months [newest to oldest]:


:star: To See The Kind Of Art I Love And Idolize, Please Check Out My Faves: [LINK]

Thanks for your help! :D


Groups Advertising - How To Get Featured

Would you like your group advertised by me? I'd love to help! I will advertise for you for a month! Keep reading for more details:

So what do you need to do?

:bulletred: Please send me a note with a link to your group's page, two to three sentences about the group and its purpose, link to group rules, info on quality and quantity control, confirm if art is auto accepted, and five examples of art accepted by the group. (see form to fill out)
:bulletred: Once your note has been received I'll add you to the journal for ONE MONTH (to prevent overflow and to make sure all info is up to date).

Here is the form:
:bulletgreen: Group Name: (your group's name here)
:bulletgreen: Group Link: (provide the link to your group)
:bulletgreen: Group Info: (please write two to three sentences about the group and its purpose)
:bulletgreen: Group Rules: (please provide a link to your group's rules)
:bulletgreen: Quality Control: (quick quality rules - allow sketches? allow unfinished works? only allow certain skill level?)
:bulletgreen: Quantity Control: (what is the deviation post limit for the group?)
:bulletgreen: Art Auto-Accepted?: (is the art auto accepted or does it have to be reviewed first?)
:bulletgreen: Examples: (please provide FIVE deviation examples of the art accepted in this group)

That pretty much covers it. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll answer you as quickly as I can. To see how groups will be advertised, please see the ones I'm currently advertising below to use as your example. :)

Have a great day and I look forward to advertising for you!


:icondragonsandelves: - DragonsandElves [permanent advertisement]
INFORMATION: A group for lovers of dragons, elves, dragon anthro, the elf-like, dragon-elf hybrids, and dragon morphers!  Monthly features are updated on a regular basis along with contest and commission advertisements.
QUALITY CONTROL: Only Finished Works; All Skill Levels Accepted
QUANTITY CONTROL: Limit of 5 Deviations a Day
ART AUTO-ACCEPTED?: No, all art must first be reviewed before acceptance
Autumn by Azzedar-san Luthien by Milena-Zaremba Have a Brazen Halloween by annria2002 The Brazen Band COMMISSION by DKSTUDIOS05 Taraji by AllieJacques

:iconcarolinaanimeartists: - CarolinaAnimeArtists [permanent advertisement]
INFORMATION:A group for anime/manga, anthro, and cartoon/comic styled artists from the states of North Carolina and South Carolina! Monthly features and convention information updated on a regular basis along with contest and commission advertisements.
QUALITY CONTROL: Only Finished Works; All Skill Levels Accepted
QUANTITY CONTROL: Limit of 5 Deviations a Day
ART AUTO-ACCEPTED?: No, all art must first be reviewed before acceptance
So unbearable by Jremy-Alexandria Chibi Elsa by Paprika-Studios Like Starlight by xxMystery Journey by celestrialdarkmoon Akai Cho aka (Akai Akuma) by IchigoMurasaki

:iconartistsrising: - ArtistsRising [advertisement ends June 18th, 2014]
INFORMATION: We are a group whose common goal is to improve our art and meet new artists. Our mission is to create a supportive community of beginning and advanced artists to help each other expand our artistic skills. If you believe that you can help with any of these things feel free to join!
GROUP RULES: [link] (it's on our group's custom box widget at the top of the page)
QUALITY CONTROL: Unfinished works are only allowed in the "WIPS to be Critiqued folder"
QUANTITY CONTROL: Because we have very little members right now, there is no submission limit. This will change if we get more members.
ART AUTO-ACCEPTED?: Art is always reviewed first to check for come degree of quality and to check if there is anything stolen or that outside resources are credited.
Basmachi Page 13 by charcoalfeatherGirl in the woods by huntlusElodie50a - WILD - Melancoly by elodie50aWonderfull Sparrow. by macfrieza666To Defend The Land Of Our Ancestors by Northfarthing

:icondeviant-mars: - Deviant-Mars [advertisement ends June 24th, 2014]
INFORMATION: Deviant-Mars is a group dedicated to Mars as well as martian related art and stories be they from different fandoms or even original series.
GROUP RULES: [link] (the rules are on the front page in their own widget)
QUALITY CONTROL: As long as it's not stolen art and is related to Mars it is welcome.
QUANTITY CONTROL: We currently have no submission limit.
ART AUTO-ACCEPTED?: All art is reviewed first to make sure that it fits the criteria.
Marvin The Martian by HotaruThodt Dejah Thoris by JardelCruz A Sound of Thunder by William-Black Mars Attacks by adam-brown War of the Worlds-Tripod Rising Final Piece by chrisrubenstahl

:iconcity-of-legends: - City-Of-Legends [advertisement ends June 28th, 2014]
INFORMATION: This is a group with an aim to give exposure to your characters, while also being a place to assist you in character development.
QUALITY CONTROL: All artistic and literature skills accepted.
QUANTITY CONTROL: Unlimited submissions for all folders.
ART AUTO-ACCEPTED?: All submissions are automatically accepted.
Vidal Springlight
Full Name: Vidal Springlight
Pronunciation: v (lower case pronunciation) – dal (as typed)
Nickname(s): Darklight (former name).
Species: Benevolent Spirit
Sex: Male
Age: Deceased (Appears to be a young adult)
Build: Average
Skin: 'white'
Hair: Clean, straight hair. Colour is an impure white.
Eye Colour: impure white
Scars: none
Birthmarks: none
Clothing: Vidal wears a long, green robe, with a dark grey under robe. The sleeves have a neutral grey trim along the wrist to the elbow joint and a patch on the top of his hood. The outer robe is held together with a neutral grey, heart shaped, clip. He wears neutral grey shoes.
Class: Sorcerer
Element: Light
- Knowledge of Curse Magic - Vidal is able to identify the symptoms and effects of curses, magic that focuses on debilitation rather than inflicting pain.
- Phasing - As a ghost, He cannot touch, or be touched by, solid objects. Cannot phase through liquid or other phasers.
Keane Euodias
Full Name: Keane Euodias
Pronunciation: Keen (As shown) Eu (Pronouncing 'yu' without the 'y sound') d (lower case) ass (as shown)
Nickname(s): n/a
Species: Elementian (Guardian Element: Fire)
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Build: Average-Strong. More upper body strength than lower.
Skin: 'white'
Hair: Takes a spiky-like appearance. Colour is a light orange.
Eye Colour: Light Blue
Scars: n/a
Birthmarks: n/a
Clothing: (Reference isn't up-to-date with this info) Keane's Knight armour is that of a lightweight footsoldier, which is common uniform for low rank Curatorian knights. The armour consists of a full body suit of chainmail with a chestplate over the torso area. The hands and feet are covered with steel gauntlets and boots. In combat, Keane also has a moderate helmet. (Similar to this: )
Class: Knight
Element: Fire
- Swordcraft - Keane has unmentored experience of using a single handed sword.
ZERAPPICHI [SAI PRACTICE] OC by KelvinApplegate Mae-Jin Buukuya [SAI PRACTICE] OC by KelvinApplegate Character Creation: My ProcessA fictional character is something that is enjoyable to make, regardless if it is as small as just a illustration or going as far as making it 'human' as possible. It has been one of the most challenging things I have been given in my road to being a game developer. In this post, I am going to talk about how I personally tackle the task that is making a character. I will be using my own characters as example when I need to.
Getting started
Before you can even begin creating a character, you need an idea. An inspiration which hits you or something you can work with. This is something you cannot force or control, as this just hits you out of the blue. Once you do get that inspiration, you find you can build the character quickly. How you build the character depends on how important they are in your world/story. A main character will have a lot of attention to detail while a background character will not have as much. Despite this, all characters have something which makes them their own

Contest List - How Does This Work?

Would you like your contests advertised by me? I'd love to help! All you have to do is comment below or send me a note, and I will advertise for you! Keep reading for more details:

So what do you need to do?

:bulletred: Please send me a NOTE (or comment below) with the below form filled out for your contest. (form is below)
:bulletred: Once your note has been received and all information confirmed, I'll add you to the journal.

Here is the form:
:bulletgreen: Username: (your username here)
:bulletgreen: Name of Contest: (provide name of contest and link to more info)
:bulletgreen: Contest Theme: (please state the theme for the contest)
:bulletgreen: Prizes: (please list the main prizes - not detailed just a general idea)
:bulletgreen: Deadline: (please provide the deadline for your contest)

That pretty much covers it. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll answer you as quickly as I can. To see how contests will be advertised, please see the ones I'm currently advertising below to use as your example. :)

Have a great day and I look forward to advertising for you!


Contest 30: Villains Gone Good: [link]
Contest Theme: Draw a Disney Villain demonstrating their turn to the side of good in some way.
Prizes: Disney Movie of Your Choice, Art, Fan Fiction, Added To Club Favorites
Deadline: May 30th, 2014

MiniContest #4: [link]
Contest Theme: Design Outfits for Chi and Omo!
Prizes: Art, :points:
Deadline: May 30th, 2014


Contest: Fan Art Nouveau: [link]
Contest Theme: Create Fan Art in the Art Nouveau style!
Prizes: Premium Membership to dA & :points:
Deadline: June 02nd, 2014

Creatures in the Night Contest: [link]
Contest Theme: Create a deviation with the theme Creatures in the Night
Prizes: None at the Moment
Deadline: June 08th, 2014

Contest 09: Women of Star Wars: [link]
Contest Theme: Draw Your Favorite Lady From Star Wars!
Prizes: Art, Features, Llama Badges, Added to Club Favorites
Deadline: June 15th, 2014

Artisan Crafts Week Contest: [link]
Contest Theme: Craft a Bakery and Craft a Cupcake!
Prizes: dA Premium Membership & :points:
Deadline: June 19th, 2014

SuicideGirls Fan Art Contest: [link]
Contest Theme: Draw Fan Art For SuicideGirls!
Prizes: :points:, subscription to, Feature
Deadline: June 27th, 2014

WoW Swim Party Challenge!: [link]
Contest Theme: Develop a piece of artwork, and show the Warchicks and the World what your WoW toon(s) do when it comes to a Wet and Wild Party!
Prizes: Art (if there are enough participants), and Features!
Deadline: June 29th, 2014

Draw Izka or Amelia: [link]
Contest Theme: Draw Izka or Amelia
Prizes: :points:, Art, Features
Deadline: June 30th, 2014


SUMMER $200,00USD Ca$h Prize Conte$t: [link]
Contest Theme: Draw my team of OC Adventurers
Prizes: $200,00USD Grand Prize, $100,00USD Artists' Choice Prize, and $50,00USD Deviants' Choice Prize!
Deadline: Midnight 5 July 2014

Contest! Win Points, Art, and More!: [link]
Contest Theme: Draw the OC(s) of a friend using one of the provided theme packs!
Prizes: :points:, Art, Features, Llama Badges
Deadline: July 16th, 2014


Design My Oc's Armor Contest: [link]
Contest Theme: Armor Designs for Chieftess Archer
Prizes: DA Premium Membership / :points: (To Be Updated Upon Prize Donations)
Deadline: August 01st, 2014

Disney Form Swap Contest: [link]
Contest Theme: Change your favorite Disney characters into any form you want!
Prizes: :points:, features, requests, and more
Deadline: August 01st, 2014


none at the moment


Halloween 2014 Contest: [link]
Contest Theme: Using Halloween theme, draw or write about the OCs belonging to cryingAnarchy
Prizes: :points: / USD, dA Premium Membership, Art (See [link] for more! Prize donors can also join the contest!)
Deadline: October 27th, 2014

Commission Advertising - How To Get Featured

Would you like your commissions advertised by me? I'd love to help! I will advertise for you for a month! Keep reading for more details:

So what do you need to do?

:bulletred: Please send me a note with a link to your commission information, your price range, types of payment you accept, and three example pictures. (see form to fill out)
:bulletred: Once your note has been received I'll add you to the journal for ONE MONTH (to prevent overflow and to make sure all info is up to date).

Here is the form:
:bulletgreen: Username: (your username here)
:bulletgreen: Commission Info: (provide the link)
:bulletgreen: Price Range: (please state lowest to highest price you charge)
:bulletgreen: Payment: (please list the payment types that you accept)
:bulletgreen: Examples: (please provide THREE deviation examples of your commissions offered)

That pretty much covers it. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll answer you as quickly as I can. To see how commissions will be advertised, please see the ones I'm currently advertising below to use as your example. :)

Have a great day and I look forward to advertising for you!


:iconmeno625: - meno625
:bulletred: COMMISSION INFO: [link]
:bulletred: PRICE RANGE: $5-$17 USD
:bulletred: PAYMENT TYPE: PayPal only
:bulletred: EXAMPLES:
Mermaid chelleface90 by meno625 Group Hug! by meno625 Chibi Giveaway 2 by meno625
[advertisement ends June 14th, 2014]

:iconsicilianvalkyrie: - SicilianValkyrie
:bulletred: COMMISSION INFO: [link]
:bulletred: PRICE RANGE: $15 - $164 USD
:bulletred: PAYMENT TYPE: PayPal
:bulletred: EXAMPLES:
Raistlin and Crysania by SicilianValkyrie Dark Elf  Assassin by SicilianValkyrie Comm: Beer Night by SicilianValkyrie
[advertisement ends June 19th, 2014]

:iconmiau-nya: - Miau-nya
:bulletred: COMMISSION INFO: [link]
:bulletred: PRICE RANGE: 7$ - 46$
:bulletred: PAYMENT TYPE: Euros, dollars (paypal) or points if it's chibi or headshot.
:bulletred: EXAMPLES:
PC - I'm not cute!! by Miau-nyaCC - Tsun crossover by Miau-nya400raffle - Lady luck isnt smiling for you by Miau-nya
[advertisement ends June 22nd, 2014]

:iconsekigan: - Sekigan
:bulletred: COMMISSION INFO: [link]
:bulletred: PRICE RANGE: $8 - $45
:bulletred: PAYMENT TYPE: PayPal
:bulletred: EXAMPLES:
Kancolle - Tenryuu by Sekigan Date A Live - Yoshino by Sekigan Kancolle - Yuudachi by Sekigan
[advertisement ends June 24th, 2014]

:iconveroro: - veroro
:bulletred: COMMISSION INFO: [link]
:bulletred: PRICE RANGE: $10 - $25
:bulletred: PAYMENT TYPE: PayPal
:bulletred: EXAMPLES:
commission - TheBumbler by veroro commission - BD-Ghis by veroro commission - Belisaria by veroro
[advertisement ends June 28th, 2014]

:iconforsakenlydia13: - ForsakenLydia13
:bulletred: COMMISSION INFO: [link]
:bulletred: PRICE RANGE: $15-30
:bulletred: PAYMENT TYPE: PayPal
:bulletred: EXAMPLES:
Deep Sea Texture by ForsakenLydia13 WinterMoon Crafts Business Card 3 by ForsakenLydia13 Wrath of the Ancestors by ForsakenLydia13
[advertisement ends June 28th, 2014]

:iconepicshadowdragon: - epicShadowdragon
:bulletred: COMMISSION INFO: [link]
:bulletred: PRICE RANGE: 20-100 :points: or $3-$10 USD
:bulletred: PAYMENT TYPE: PayPal, :points:
:bulletred: EXAMPLES:
Sakura Haruno by epicShadowdragon Henry by epicShadowdragon Sachiko Kano by epicShadowdragon
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If you feel this way, then I highly recommend you watch the latest installment of MarieTV. I absolutely love watching her videos and I have found them inspiring for my own life goals. If you enjoy this video and find it helpful, then I would greatly recommend watching more of her youtube channel.

Love you guys! Stay classy~

--Venus :rose:


Hello and Welcome to another Venus Feature! This one is Spring themed! I hope you enjoy the beautiful images below and that your spring has been incredibly pleasant so far. If it's Autumn where you are, I hope you're enjoying the beautiful leaves~ :D

:star: NEXT FEATURE WILL BE: Home!! Basically I want to see images you have that feature HOMES! I'm looking for houses, bird nests, anything that is a home, preferably with the residents visible if it's an animal. Yes, you can have characters in your images. :aww: If you have art featuring HOME or know of some art by another person that you think I should feature, please comment to THIS FORUM THREAD LINK.

Enjoy the Spring feature! And please be sure to favorite this journal to help yourself and others in this journal be seen. :aww:


Spring Goddess by artofcarmen
Bubble Bee Queen by Lorien077 Sakura Girl by akibara Dogwood and Goldfinches Brush Embroidery by plangkye pollenating by Epic-Elite
Peaceful by KevKeaf
Flower Painting Fine Art by Ekaterina Chernova by EkaterinaChernova Fey Kitty by Lorien077 Roses(finished) by MiruFujiwara Bride commission by uchihakagura1
Springtime Glory by Miguel-Santos
Welcome Spring by Cascadena Macro Lilies by Elfedward Spring Kimono Kitty by Tanya56 Yellow by Becky125
Argus 3 by loreeshell
Hello My Little Sweet Pea by Edris-Kingfisher Queen of the Mountainside by Edris-Kingfisher Springtime by MaybellsSpot Bird and Flowers by PisaRose97


:bulletred: Forest Feature
:bulletred: St Patrick's Day Feature
:bulletred: Chocolate Mint Feature
:bulletred: Heart Feature
:bulletred: Disney's Frozen Feature
I often get asked how to become better at art, and I usually tell people to use real life references and practice. :iconselenada: posted a very wonderful tutorial two days ago about this very topic! So if you have trouble deciding how you should go about practicing art and improving your skills, I would recommend that you check out this tutorial below. It is extremely helpful!

So...How do you actually Practice Art? by Selenada

Good luck! :heart:
YouTube Button by TouchedVenus


I hope that you had a good one. Mine was alright. Things have been kind of strange for me lately. Instead of going into too much detail, I'll do a quick list.

:bulletred: My brother was kicked out of his home wrongfully, and has had to move into our parents' travel trailer. He's also currently unemployed and things have been less than pleasant for him. I worry about him. His home was our grandparents' old place, but after grandpa died and grandma was admitted to a rest home the jerk who owned the land decided he didn't have to hold his contract anymore and forced my parents into having the home destroyed so he could put something new there. It's just... wrong and stressful. I'm still pretty angry about it. And yes, my parents did contact a lawyer, but our hands are completely tied.

:bulletred: We just found out that my Aunt (Dad's sister) has stage four lung cancer. We are waiting for the biopsy report and depending on the results my husband and I may be travelling to Texas with my parents to visit her. Dad is handling this as best as he can, but it doesn't stop me from being concerned for him. I love my parents, and I don't like to see either of them in pain. The trip to Texas will probably be mid or late May. I'll keep everyone updated on my status, but I'll probably bring my laptop with me anyway.

:bulletred: On to happier news, I think I've mentioned before that my husband and I are moving to a new location. We're just moving closer to where he works to save on travel time. We'll also be closer to the colleges and my parents. They are getting older, and have health problems, so I want to be closer to them so I can get there if they need me. The move will be taking place on May 3rd, and I will be packing and unpacking the weeks before and after. I will have my laptop, though, so I'll try to still be on when I can, but don't expect to see much of me during the end of April and first part of May.

Basically, I've been stressed. I mean, I feel fine except for being tired, but I know everything will be okay. I was sick for a little bit, but I feel better now.

I am also hoping to have three new deviations posted before the move, so keep an eye out. :)

So, how have you guys been? Did you have a good Easter? Feel free to start up a conversation in the comments below. :D


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Yep, you read that correctly. :D She is hosting a Birthday Raffle, and three lucky individuals will win art! All you have to do is advertise and link to the raffle in a journal and reply to the journal with a link.

You can see more information here: [link]

CLOSING DATE: 23rd April 2014, 10pm. Malaysia time.

And because I can, here is some of shrimpHEBY's beautiful art to tease you:

Elf Prince by shrimpHEBY Commission for Minakomori by shrimpHEBY Cause by shrimpHEBY Ramesses by shrimpHEBY Alpha by shrimpHEBY

PS: Pardon for the lack of journal skin. It's not been working properly lately, and I need to change it anyway.

--Venus :rose: