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Destinie Kirby
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Singer, Artist, Writer, Wife, Mother, and Gamer Girl from North Carolina - Creator of Grimoire Rose - Former Community Volunteer for Anime/Manga Gallery on deviantART

:heart:~*Mother of an 11 Month Old Baby Girl*~:heart:

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I don't bite! Feel free to talk to me and/or ask questions. :heart:

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I saw "Solo: A Star Wars Story" last night! Fun experience out with hubby and some friends, but I’ll be honest. The movie was better than I expected, but still not amazing to me. I liked the nods at other SW films, and Donald Glover is a phenomenal Lando. Enfys ended up being my fave, but even they fell short of hopes. Overall not an awful movie, but not a SW film I’ll be raving about for years to come.
Quick Sketch: Fatigue
quick pen doodle of Sapphirine
May 20th, 2018 @ 11:50pm

Hello! It's been quite a while. I just wanted to stop in and give a quick-ish update on what's going on right now. I'm not dead. :)


+ I’ve been getting sick once a month since 2018 started.

+ I’ve experienced weight increase, and it’s mostly because I’ve not been watching what I eat  or exercising. This ties into my mental health.

+ At the end of March I was diagnosed with mild Hyperthyroidism.

+ At the end of April I saw an endocrinologist, and she found small nodules on my thyroid.

+ A couple weeks ago my tests came back, and they are thankfully benign, and I just simply need to be watched for now. I have to go back in for more testing in July. This is very common in women and it rarely causes any major harm, so I’m not more concerned than necessary.

+ My PCOS is still a thing (always will be sadly), and it’s a major player in my mental and physical health. However, I’m quite hopeful with the new research that has come forward between this year and last year.


+ The Wellbutrin clearly works for me. My anxiety attacks are very rare now.

+ I still have them sometimes but usually only if something triggers me. I do have a mild form of PTSD according to my therapist.

+ However, my anxiety and depression levels have been slightly elevated this year, but it appears to be environmental and as long as I keep communication open it stays maintainable.

+ I’m getting back into regular prayer and meditation practices.

+ I’ve been reading a devotional from Joyce Meyer every morning.

+ I’m using the Prayer Mate app to help me keep track of my prayers and it rotates my topics every day. I like that I can customize my prayers and topics as well to fit my needs. And I can subscribe to “prayer marathons” as well where we pray for a week to a month or more on a specific topic.

+ I’m using the Head Space app for my daily meditations, and lord have mercy I love this app. Highly recommended if you want to get into meditation.


+ We’re getting back on Keto this month, but we’re doing the Mediterranean version. Keto has shown to be the best diet for women that have PCOS, but my circulatory and digestive systems don’t enjoy a basic keto. This seems to be one of the healthier versions of Keto, so I’m praying for success.

+ We bought an exercise bike that I’m going to start using a little at a time, and slowly increase the time and difficulty as I get stronger.

+ I also bought a “No Gym Required” exercise book that has exercises at different levels of difficulty that I can do using my own body weight and the dumbbells I already own.


+ My daughter is now 11 months old. Her first birthday is in June. We're going to do an intimate family gathering with ladybug themes. :)
+ Scarlet is walking and climbing now.
+ If you ask her to find something like say "where's daddy?" or "where's puppy?" she can point to the object in question
+ She will wave hello and bye bye.
+ She babbles a lot and is very cheerful and full of smiles and laughter. She's the cutest thing in the world to me.
+ She can use the dog steps to get into our bed, and yesterday she actually put herself to sleep.
+ She loves to explore, and is mostly independent.
+ Basically she's met all her milestones, and she tends to either be right on schedule with her milestones or ahead of schedule.

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PROJECT #1: Cleaning Overhaul

+ I am currently doing a major clean on our home that will in the long run simplify our daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal cleaning tasks dramatically.

+ I’ve always been huge on keeping a clean home, but it’s become such a big thing that I end up cleaning all day and not taking care of other projects I wish to work on.

+ I read a book called “Simply Clean” by Becky Rapinchuk, and I already know / do most of the tasks she discusses, but for anyone who is new to cleaning or wanting to improve their cleaning game, I do recommend it. The book is a bit repetitive, but it’s also easy to navigate and get the info you want from it. I also quite like her simplified cleaning plans and the big cleaning challenges.

+ NOTE: I disagree with the cleaning being “10 Minutes” but it’s definitely faster than it has been previously for me.

+ I’m currently doing the 28-day Challenge, and I’m making sure the cleaning tasks are ready to rotate on my to do list / schedule. So, hurray! Now to train Patrick and Scarlet to help. LOL

PROJECT #2: Make Art a Daily Habit

+ This is big for me. I miss drawing so badly, and I know if I want anything to come of it I need to make it a bigger priority. I am in such a good place in my life to be able to do this, and I need to take advantage of the time God has blessed me with.

+ Now that my computer seems to be stable again, I’m going to attempt to get back to work on art and pray it doesn’t crash and set me back again.

+ I am going to start videoing my art and putting it on youtube with commentary.

+ We’re going to start off with coloring the Kefka picture I started on forever ago and then go from there.

+ I’ll start on this project once I finish re-organizing and prioritizing my schedule. I’m looking at starting on my art projects again next week (May 21st)

PROJECT #3: Make Writing a Daily Habit

+ This project goes hand in hand with the art project because I’m still leaning toward turning my story into a comic, but before I can do that I want to finish writing it. It’s still a skeleton with plot points and some characters with back stories and some characters without back stories. I know my beginning. I know my end. I know some of the things that happen throughout the center. I just need to start pulling it all together and finish giving it flesh and muscle and nerves.

+ Going to start setting aside time to sit with my headphones on and work. It’s the best I can do for now. Going to give myself some simple word count goals and go from there.

+ Any sketching / drawing I do for the story will fall under the art project.


+ Having time to relax and recuperate is very important to me, especially since I don’t have the best mental and physical health. SO, I’m going to start scheduling in time to chill and breathe because I know how necessary it is for me to “gather up more spoons” before moving forward.

+ Going to start gaming again, and it will be mostly a rotation between single player consoles and FF14.

+ Going to squeeze in reading time because reading is important.

+ And going to have some cuddle up and watch tv with the lover boy time as well because that’s DEFINITELY important.


+ Still taking care of the kid - DUH, but I felt that’s a no brainer to include her throughout the process. LOL Her care has become almost robotic honestly. Feed her, change her, bathe her, make sure she gets her naps, take some time out to play with her, snuggle her, and read to her. Easy! I also intend to include her in tasks I’m doing. She already has started learning how to “clean,” lol and I’ve got some of her first art projects ready to go!

And that’s where I am right now :D Wish me luck!

Skittleboy by TouchedVenusKefka has flat colors! My hand hurts again. XD

Also, this probably won’t be finished until next week since my husband and I’s wedding anniversary is today, and we’re going to have an outing with our daughter. Then she’s going to stay with my parents over the weekend so hubby and I can have alone time. I’ll work on this in between when I have spare time, but don’t expect it completed until next week most definitely. LOL


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